Ok, I know I’ve been bad recently, and not been updating my site, but I’m barely home to sleep never mind update it, and between that and callouts and that damned infectino of LOP/Active I had…well…grrrr.

But today I have news.

I have a completion date set!!!! I’m exchanging contracts this afternoon, and I’m completing on the 22nd.

Second bit of less important news is that London got the Olympics. 🙂 We write the CMS behind the LDA’s site, so we’ve been watching it like a hawk and it’s keeping up so far.

Off to lunch now. Woot!

3 Responses to “Exchange!”

  1. recursived says:

    London ??? Agency?

  2. emmelinemay says:

    congrats on the completion date!! wheee!!!

  3. interior_lulu says:

    Congrats on the house! Let me know when you are free to swing by Brighton to pick up the weight bench 🙂 Any chance you could bring your Dyson – my hoover is crap at picking up cat hair…