Ok, so I’m bad, not updating my LJ like this. But hey, I’ve hardly got time to sleep at the moment. 🙁

So what’s been happening? Well, the house is kinda getting there – the vendor’s decided to link this sale with hers because she couldn’t be bothered to get somewhere to store her fridge and washing machine for 3 weeks *grumble* but we might be able to work around that. Hopefully. I’ll be inviting people up for a bit of a party once I’m sorted, and at least one person is coming up camping with me. 😉

Yesterday was fun, the first daytime callout. Had a 15yo kid with a badly sprained ankle on Pen Y Fan. Managed to get there not only in time to see the callout, but actually in time to do something which is a nice change.

Work is fantastic, but incredibly busy. Talking of which… 🙂

Y’all take care now.

One Response to “Oops!”

  1. interior_lulu says:

    Ooh, party? Not sure we’ll be able to get to Cardiff but let us know, just in case!