What a fantasic phrase!

Anyway, just finishing off my Casualty Care aide memoire – I’ve got to take it to North Wales tomorrow to present to the MRC’s medical subcommittee. So no updates ’til later on this weekend. I am *so* busy. It’s kinda nice, though stressful to have a life again. 🙂

One Response to “assbackwards headfuckery”

  1. recursived says:

    Hello, just a quick comment to say three things:

    1. I’m Simon, ‘s flatmate.

    2. I’m adding you to my friends list (there is no moral obligation to reciprocate, although I normally do announcements as in 3. on my LJ).

    3. Despite the Malcster’s absence in Sunny Spain this week, Birthright is running as per usual. 7.30-8pm start time.