Weyhey! I’m back online after an arduous week without Internet access. Life goes on at a different pace around here, I can tell you.

Updates on this last week will be more forthcoming when I’m less tired – just come back from a callout. Daft chap had taken his Range Rover off-road. He went up a hill, stalled, and came back down, then tried it again. Only this time, he turned it in order to drive back down. Gravity took over and the Range Rover rolled to the bottom. Casualty was airlifted to hospital.

Now I’m off to bed – 0630 starts are not funny just to get to new place of Orking by 0900. House is coming along, but it’d be a lot faster if the vendor could find her deeds! *sigh*

2 Responses to “It’s alive!”

  1. korenwolf says:

    week without Internet access

    Dear cthulu how did you survive, net access is as vital to survival as beer (or so I’m reliably told).

  2. interior_lulu says:

    Glad you are settling in 🙂