Well, what a weekend.

Friday was much fun. We went to the Ship with a few people from work, and Steve and Ali and Craig and Jean turned up. We had a few drinks there before heading off to Chili’s in Canary Wharf where Yudit was waiting for us, with a nice little gift of really nice smellys – she asked them to put something together for someone in Mountain Rescue! So it’s industrial strength hand moisturiser (for those rope burns) and a bath bomb (for those post-callout chill-out baths!) among other things. Cool! 🙂

We spent ages there, Mark went to get Linda (though he was fairly tipsy at the time) and Andy arrived, with his hair looking more and more interesting every time I see him! Off we go to GAY, where we spent the rest of the night propping up the bar. Much fun, with Yudi dancing and Andy trying to find me someone to get off with. He was wandering around without a shirt on – damn, but he’s got a fine body. Of course, he’s (mostly) straight – as is always the case. Poo.

Anyway, Saturday, when I finally dragged my sorry ass out of bed was spent helping Paul move (again). Finally got home about 0200, missing a second night out in Greenwich with Rich, Em Mark and Linda. Sunday I got up an headed out for some breakfast, before heading off to see Paul. Only Jean called as I was eating – she was quite ill and needed a lift back from a friends. I picked her up and brought her back. She was getting progressively worse on the way and was having panic attacks, cramps and stuff. I stopped off in Newham General’s Walk-in GP centre on the way so she could so someone. They took one look at her and said “A&E is around the corner”. So I spent the rest of the afternoon with Jean in A&E before heading off to see Paul. He’s been having such a shit week, and by the time we were finished, he was too late to catch the train to Brighton to see Alex, so I offered to drive him down. Finally got back about 0300, and popped in to see Steve. We spent the next few hours talking and stuff and doing work-type stuff, until suddenly it was light, 0530. I buggered off home and slept.

Yesterday, I started packing after picking up boxes. So it’s been a mad weekend. What’s more, there’s no sign of the declaration from the Building Society. The IFA is chasing. Come on you bastards.

4 days to go. My god…it’s finally happening. I’m starting a new job in 10 days. Wow.

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