Oh. My. Ghod.

Well, it’s high time for an update, and what an update. 🙂

Last Friday I headed home to go and see some houses. I’d picked up some particulars the week before, and I’d arranged to see five houses. The first in the morning, followed by lunch with Nath and then the two of us spent the afternoon looking at the other four. I had two houses which I had high expectations for, but as usual they turned out utterly shite.

So we walked into the fourth house around 5pm. Immediately I like it, it’s got a nice feel to it. The layout was good, nice proportions to the rooms, cracking view from the front, bit of a garden. It was in the rather less scummy part of Senghenydd, near Caerphilly. We carried on, saw the last house and discussed the houses before I dropped him off back at his car.

I think to be honest by this point I’d realised that I really liked the one house and could easily live there. The only possible problem was that there might be some problems with the plaster upstairs. A few conversations with various parents the following day set my mind at ease and I decided to put an offer in. So I was walking around Llanelli, phone to ear, trying to get through to the estate agents who were perpetually engaged. Grrr.

Over the next few hours, we haggled the price until finally, the call came – the vendor had accepted my offer! OMG! Jubilation! Panic!

The last few days have been insane – I finally managed to get an approval in principle for the mortgage over the estate agents today so that they can take it off the market (called a lock-out agreement). My application for a mortgage is in, and I need to tell the mortgage company to sort out a survey for me. My mother works for a solicitor so I get my conveyancing for free. All this is going on two weeks before heading back to Wales, so I’m pushing (but not expecting) to complete in two weeks. *grin* Emotions have been raw recently, what with working 3 jobs, moving house, possibly buying a new one and the possibility of being so close to Nathan again.

Anyway, just a reminder that this Friday is “say goodbye to Aled day”. Come, one and all. 🙂 Er, that’s it I think. 🙂

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