Oh, yeah, one more thing.

So the IFA’s sorting out the mortgage and he emails me to say that the application is in, I’ll get a declaration to sign and they’ll be sending someone to value the house and that they’ll liaise with the estate agent. Ok, no problem. I email him asking if he can give me the details of the surveyor or something as I want to upgrade the valuation. His reply?

 I have only asked for a basic valuation as you didn’t request a homebuyer’s report. If you want to upgrade the survey then this will not be included in their free valuation offer and an additional amount will have to be paid. Do you want me to contact them and amend this and let you know the cost?

I mean, hello? Who buys a house without a homebuyer’s report as the minimum. Why didn’t he ask? This guy is a combination of good and oddly crap. sigh

2 Responses to “Gah, IFA’s”

  1. korenwolf says:

    Ahh… the joys of house buying…

  2. taffyboy says:

    Aha, howdy do there, Mr Rodent?

    Yes, hrm, house buying. I feel certain that I’ll have an ulcer by the end of next month, especially as I’m pushing all parties to complete ASAP. On the bright side, my mother works for the solicitor, so I have an “inside man” on that side. 🙂

    How are the Germans? Any news on Friday?