Gah, so the house I wanted to see was taken off the market by the vendor. Not happy, but more on that.

Headed back to my mother’s for the weekend. Had an ex with MR on Sat night looking for a missing fell runner. We finally got off the hill as it was getting light – damn cold, my rucksack was frozen stiff and my platypus tube was freezing solid. Looks like I might need to get a neoprene insulation cover for it.

On Sat day, I went traipsing around loads of estate agents. Apparently, the market has slowed down and it’s becoming a buyer’s market at the moment. Not a big crash, but definately lots of good properties available. So Senghenydd is looking nice, hopefully arranging to see a few this week.

On the bright side, the floor looks like it’s dried out. Suppose we’d better talk to downstairs to find out what damage there is.

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