Argh what a night!

When Mark and I came home tonight, we needed to change the tap on the bath. So one B&Q trip later and we have some taps and we set about changing them. So we shut off the water and remove the pipes. As expected a little water come dribbling out, but I’m thinking “No problem, this is just a little water that’s left in the pipes.” So we wait for it to finish.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait some more. At this point, I’m thinking “oh, shit, this isn’t stopping”. Now this wasn’t a heavy flow, just a fast dribble, say. So we try and remove the taps which we’re halfway through now and things go downhill. One of the nuts gets stuck and we struggle for about 2 hrs getting it off. Alternating back and forth – the tiny amount of space we had to work in was not helping.

About halfway through there’s a knock at the door. We look around, the door is open and a man and a woman come in. Apparently, they’re from the flat downstairs, and they have water coming in. Oh shit.

So Mark and I set to the bath and finally get the old taps off. 5 minutes later the new ones are on, the system tested and it all looks great. Downstairs isn’t too bad, but we’re letting it dry for a few days.

On the bright side, I may be viewing a house this weekend. 🙂

One Response to “Floods!”

  1. abtrax_jimmy says:

    lol I knew what was gonna after reading the secon sentence…ha ha

    I’ve got all this to look forward to with my new flat… hope all is well 🙂