I hereby announce that a
is to be held on
Friday April 29th
The Steamship
near to East India DLR in London
to wish a fond farewell to
on his resignation from Mistral and his departure from London.

Yes, that’s right, I’m leaving. Heading back to Wales to a new job and a new life with clean air, clean water and a clean life (yeah, right!). Please come to my piss up and wish me goodbye, we’ll be in the Ship from about 1730 on Friday 29th. I’ll post more info on location here later.

Anything else I’ve missed? Oh yeah, once I get my place sorted, come visit me! My LJ will be updated from Wales (yes we do have t’Interweb thingy in Wales, thankyouverymuch).

2 Responses to “ANNOUNCE: Leaving do for Aled from Mistral and London”

  1. emmelinemay says:

    if i am free, i shall attempt to be there.ALthough i shall need reminding nearer the time!

  2. jero says:

    managed to miss the whole “Aled reaches escape velocity” thing, except for brief references from Alex! Congrats ! though it’ll be poop not having you so theoretically close (it’s nice to try and make plans, even if we’re crud at actually getting together ;). I’ll try and make this, though tbh it’s on top of me moving house etc, so not sure what’s possible.

    Talking of which, what’s your availability like over the next couple of weeks, want to do “help each other move” things if possible?


    xx P xx