Yeah, yeah, so I’m ranting again, so sue me. 🙂

Current place of Orking[1], which is about to become previous place of Ork, has a daft policy.

Let’s take my current shifts as an example. I’m working Fri, Sat and Sunday nights. Start work at 2300 Friday, finish last nightshift at 0830 on Monday morning, so obviously I get Monday off in lieu. However, the company has decided in their wisdom that they don’t pay the Friday. So if I stay at home to prepare on Friday, it means that I lose a day’s pay. WTF? I am so glad that I’m not going to be around much longer. I really enjoy the technical side of the work that I’m doing there, it’s just all the little things that have added up to annoy me.

Somewhat depressingly I’m awake. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.I’m currently looking at php with suexec, only not using the approved apache way. Why? Well Apache’s suEXEC requires that each php file reside in under a ScriptAlias not the normal DocumentRoot (i.e. under /cgi-bin) which is a bit crap. Worse than that it requires a hash-bang-command (#!/usr/local/bin/php) at the start of *every* php file. This is not good.

So somone wrote a different version that behaves slightly differently. Needs a bit of playing around though.

[1] Ork, as in place where you meet cow orkers (co-workers). If you don’t understand, just laugh politely. 🙂

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